Standard Method of Works

Step 1:

Survey the existing lawn to work out levels.

Step 2:

Removal of the existing lawn to a depth of 60-80mm.

Step 3:

The entire perimeter is edged using 2x2 plastic to ensure the sub-base material is supported. Cement haunching is used against a patio edge instead of plastic.

Step 4:

Lay a stabilisation membrane and thereafter a type 1 aggregate to a depth of 40-60mm.

Step 5:

Aggregate is compacted using a whacker.

Step 6:

Installation of a 15-25mm layer of granite dust; then levelled off and compacted to ensure a smooth surface.

Step 7:

Installation of a weed membrane.

Step 8:

The grass is rolled into position.

Step 9:

For perfect seams we line up the joining grasses as well as the seaming tape.

Step 10:

Specialist adhesive is spread onto the seaming tape.

Step 11:

The grass is gently folded down onto the adhesive.

Step 12:

The final step is to secure the grass with small nails to the plastic edging